Ielts Test Y Preparación Entrevista, Domicilios.

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Cll 45 2060, Bogota, Bogotá D.c.
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Ielts Test Y Preparación Entrevista, Domicilios.

		Ielts Teacher/Instructor Cesar Rodríguez has 20 years of experience preparing individuals in such test with great and positive results, in order to enable them to achieve their respective goals: graduating, getting a job, traveling overseas etc. 
This year alone(2017) hundreds of students have passed their Ielts test with Mr Cesar Rodriguez in Colombia and around latin america. 
 Call him now and schedule your first class to success! 
Pbx: 907-3959 
Cel: 313-399-7606


Nadie opinó sobre este servicio.¡Sé el primero!

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