Oferta Laboral: Native English / Great Pay

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Carrera 47 ...... 3014771549, Sabaneta, Antioquia
Precio $ 2.000.000
(301) 4771549
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Oferta Laboral: Native English / Great Pay

		Stars &Stripes Transportation is a growing National Auto Transport company seeking reps to join our team. This is a full-time position and requires dedication. 
This is a job as an auto transport sales rep for a national company in the United States operating out of Medellin Colombia, We are a brokerage firm with a web presence that acts as an intermediary to ship cars for our customers. We operate in three stages. Stage 1 is Sales. Stage 2 we must find a reliable carrier/trucker to complete the service. Stage 3 the carrier must follow through with the order from pick-up to drop-off. 
Your job will be in stage 1 You will be making contact (in-bound and out-bound calls) for POS with hot and warm leads, competing with between 0 and 10 companies. These customers ARE asking us to call them. You will follow up with customers and close deals. You will maintain customer contact and provide customer service to your customers until a carrier has been found to complete the service. 
- Sales & closing skills (and girl scout cookies doesn't count!) 
- Computer skills 
- Typing skills 
- Customer service skills 
- The highest quality English (native) 
- Need to understand how to speak and type at the same time. This may seem rhetorical but it is important. Note taking and details are pertinent. as our company cares about being detail oriented so that your orders will be managed correctly. We will always follow through if you take the proper notes and steps. 
- Communication skills. You will be working with dispatchers, customer support, and managers to make cars move. They will constantly help you whenever needed. 
1.100.000 Cop salary p/month 
Up to 13% commission p/month 
+ Incentives 
Total = $2.000.000 a $6.000.000 mensuales 
We work from Monday to Friday from 8:00 am to 6:00 pm and Saturdays from 9:00 am to 2:30 pm


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